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What are the benefits of Cheap Car Leasing and Contract Hire

Upfront costs

Cheap car leasing is a preferred option to car purchasing for many companies due to the fact that there is no large initial outlay which frees up working capital and improves cash flow while reducing expenditure. By avoiding paying the total amount of the car upfront you can use the money to benefit your business in other areas.

Monthly payments and cash flow

Because the fixed monthly payments on a lease only have to cover the difference between the purchase price and the residual /resale value known as depreciation, payments are generally lower than the cost of financing a vehicle for purchase, so from a cash flow point of view leasing a vehicle is a far better solution.

Reduced Risk

When a car leaves the show room it depreciates immediately at an extremely high rate, however by leasing a car instead of purchasing it this removes the risk from the buyer and puts it with the leasing company. How many times has someone bought a car and had a very big shock when they have come to trade it in or sell it and its second hand value has plummeted far more than they expected.

When you lease a car you only pay for the depreciation costs plus finance charges and admin fees. Therefore a car that may cost £30,000 may depreciate by £8,000 over 2 years , so your lease payments are based on £8,000 and not £30,000 as they would be if you made an outright purchase.

Simple and straight forward

Car leasing is normally a simple procedure which is governed by the cost of the car, the annual mileage , maintenance(maintenance is optional but becomes the customer’s responsibility if not taken with the contract) and the term. Payments are fixed and are plus VAT for business users and inclusive of VAT for personal users.

Reduce unforeseen costs

Many companies like to have a full Car leasing package which includes road tax for the term, maintenance, servicing and replacement tyres. This helps with fixed monthly costs, reduces cash flow and removes any unforeseen expenses.


The customer must understand that a contract hire is binding and they are tied into the lease for the term agreed at the outset. If a customer needs to default and hand the vehicle back early they would incur early termination fees from the leasing company.

Why Cheap Car Leasing

Leasing companies have the buying power to get some excellent discounts when purchasing vehicles, which is in turn passed on to customers who lease vehicles and get the benefit of cheap car leasing deals which are often more attractive than outright purchasing.


Car leasing minimises admin time for the customer who would normally have to find the vehicle, manage the servicing, repairs, road tax and find a buyer for the old vehicle when a new one is required. Admin time is reduced for more important matters when a leasing broker sources the vehicle and the leasing company can take care of everything else with a full package.


Business leasing has many taxation benefits, one of which is the ability to claim back a percentage of VAT.


A mayor benefit with Cheap Car Leasing and contract hire is once the car lease has completed, the vehicle returns to the supplier removing the risk of depreciation from the customer and also removing any disposal problems that are linked with a purchase.

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